Getting Started with Windows Terminal

Microsoft recently announced the Windows Terminal, a new terminal application for command-line users. It's modern, efficient, fast and unlike any terminal Microsoft has produced before. The most important new feature, TABS!!

If you missed the original announcement go here for the details. In short the new Windows Terminal:

  • Is available
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Force TLS 1.2 in PowerShell

It's no secret that the industry has been working hard to disable insecure protocols and cipher suites. This is a good thing however many of the utilities and programs that make HTTP connections are yet to be updated to support these changes graceful.

A perfect example if Windows PowerShell. Windows

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Azure Resource Manager API Versions

When authoring Azure Resource Manager templates it's sometime not obvious what apiVersion a particular resource is up to. You can get this information a few different ways, today I'll demonstrate how to do it via Azure PowerShell.

Open up PowerShell and connect to Azure. Run the following:

Get-AzureRmResourceProvider | ft ProviderNamespace
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