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Welcome! I’m Jacob and this is my blog! I’m a husband, a father, a Christian and a passionate technology enthusiast. I live in Brisbane, Australia and work for a small software development company. Currently my role is as a DevOps Engineer on the Microsoft platform however I’ve mostly worked as a consultant for a number of Systems Integrators here in Australia. I’ve enjoyed quite broad experience from Cisco switching and routing through to desktop support and then Windows server and the broader Microsoft stack. More recently I’ve work extensively on the Microsoft cloud platform including Azure, Office365, Skype for Business, Exchange, C#, PowerShell, the list goes on…
Over the years I’ve had a few false starts with blogging. My best attempt so far was at (I no longer own that domain….obviously). I blogged there for few years and built up to a few hundred visitors a month. After meeting my wife, getting married and starting a family, blogging took a bit of a back seat…ok well it got put in the trailer and fell out the back. I’ve missed blogging and regret not keeping that domain. When I first started blogging I mostly wanted a place to record things that I wanted to remember. Mostly things that had taken some time to figure out or things that helped me in my job. That same thinking has motivated me to start blogging once again.
I work almost entirely with Microsoft tools and technology so that’s what you can expect to see reflected in my posts. First and foremost, this blog is for me. A place to talk tech, to document those tricky to solve problems but mostly to put stuff that I want to remember. Hopefully you find it useful too!

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